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Brixy Charity Kunstauktion – Movie

This film was made as part of the charity auction of the Mannheimer Morgen (May 2014) and gives a brief insight into how a Brixy painting is created. (The following Brixy work was successfully auctioned for a good cause: "Discover", 2014, Oil/Nettle, 80x100 cm.)

TEN. 10 years of art in the Old Pumping Station – Movie

In autumn 2014 Dietmar Brixy celebrated a very special anniversary: the tenth anniversary of his modern artist house "Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau", with ten years of exhibition tradition. For three years now he has not only been showing a spectrum of his own works, but has also offered art lovers an exhibition cooperation with the Berlin […]

Retrospect of “Tomorrow” exhibition in alten Pumpwerk

Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau Aufeldstrasse 19, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg

Dietmar Brixy´s exhibition 2016 in his unique studio, the old pumping station in Mannheim, got the title "Tomorrow". His works are characterized by a colorful mixture of different techniques and elements, containing quotations from different art movements, such as Cubism or Surrealism. Brixy leads us through his studio and presents his works. Afterwards there are […]

Brixy in German Television – SWR

The artist Dietmar Brixy gives in the video interview of the Landesschau Baden-Württemberg of the SWR an insight into his work and into his studio and artist house.

Insights into the art of Dietmar Brixy

In a short report for the Aida Gallery, the renowned artist Dietmar Brixy from Mannheim explains the development of his pictures. They reflect the combination of an expressive, informal application of paint with realistic moments. In his paintings he models the color. The paintings live from a very strong surface relief and reveal his proximity […]

Laudatio Prof. Dieter Ronte bei Ausstellung BRIXY PASSION

Laudation by Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte at the opening of the exhibition "Brixy Passion - 15 years of art in the pumping station". The vernissage was opened by the renowned art historian Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte. Ronte was director of the Museum Moderner Kunst in Vienna, director of the Sprengel Museum in Hanover and subsequently […]

Interview & report by Brixy on Rhine-Neckar television

On the occasion of its anniversary exhibition "Brixy Passion - 15 Years of Art in the Pump Station", Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen interviewed the German artist Brixy. The RNF interview took place in the old Mannheim-Neckarau pumping station. The report shows new works by the painter and sculptor. In addition, the significance of his art and the career […]

Creation – Artwork by artist Dietmar Brixy

Dietmar Brixy's new series of works bears the meaningful name REFLECT. It refers to the radiance of the colours that make Brixy's paintings shine so incomparably. Red dominates the series, as a signal colour that embodies sensuality and joie de vivre like no other. In 2021, red may also stand for new energy and optimism. […]