» I want to abandon myself
entirely to the magic of pictorial creation. «


SWR Kultur: Journey through life in colour - The painter Dietmar Brixy | ARD Mediathek

Artist Brixy is presented in one of Germany's best-known art and culture television programmes.

The Mannheim artist Dietmar Brixy opens his studio to visitors and invites them to take a stroll through his colourful paintings. Emotional and sensual. Dietmar Brixy paints with brushes, palette knife and his hands. His studio: an old pumping station in Mannheim Neckarau, surrounded by a lush garden. Architecture, nature and art are mutually dependent here.


On more than 130 pages this opulent illustrated book with profound contributions is dedicated to the work series ‚REFLECT‘‚ ‚HORIZON‘ and ‚HAPPY‘. These are analyzed and placed in the context of art history.

Publisher: Gallery Tammen, Berlin & Art Association of Villa Streccius in Landau e.V.
Texts: Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz (art historian & art journalist), Werner Tammen (Galerie Tammen, Berlin), Dr. Monica Jager-Schlichter (Kunstverein Villa Streccius in Landau e.V.), Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte (Former Director Museum Moderner Kunst Wien, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Kunstmuseum Bonn) and Dr. Dietmar Schuth M.A. (Museum für die Farbe Blau, Schwetzingen).
Editing: Cathrin Pischon, Lance Anderson
English translation: Orla Ambrose
Fotos: Christian Borth, Nina Fernandez, Peter Schlör
Design & Implementation: Verena Kessel, Nina Fernandez, Daniel Brixy
Production: Waldkirch KG Publishing - Printing - Agency

Copyright: publisher, artists, photographers and authors

133 pages

Creation - Artwork by artist Dietmar Brixy

Dietmar Brixy's new series of works bears the meaningful name REFLECT. It refers to the radiance of the colours that make Brixy's paintings shine so incomparably. Red dominates the series, as a signal colour that embodies sensuality and joie de vivre like no other. In 2021, red may also stand for new energy and optimism. More defensive colours like blue, grey and delicate pastel shades take a back seat, cool the temperature and play on the space that opens up behind the red. Like a theatre curtain, the red sets the stage for an almost illusionistic deep space, as we have known it since the Renaissance.

DOWNLOAD - Brixy Profile & Vita

You can download information about Brixy and his art here. If you need more information and pictures of Brixy's works for reprinting, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.  

DOWNLOAD – Old Pumping Station Info

In 2001 Dietmar Brixy acquired the Old Pumping Station in Mannheim-Neckarau, Germany. There he created his own artistic cosmos including a garden paradise.


Interview & report by Brixy on Rhine-Neckar television

On the occasion of its anniversary exhibition "Brixy Passion - 15 Years of Art in the Pump Station", Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen interviewed the German artist Brixy. The RNF interview took place in the old Mannheim-Neckarau pumping station. The report shows new works by the painter and sculptor. In addition, the significance of his art and the career of Brixy are discussed intensively.

Laudatio Prof. Dieter Ronte bei Ausstellung BRIXY PASSION

Laudation by Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte at the opening of the exhibition "Brixy Passion - 15 years of art in the pumping station". The vernissage was opened by the renowned art historian Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte. Ronte was director of the Museum Moderner Kunst in Vienna, director of the Sprengel Museum in Hanover and subsequently director of the Kunstmuseum in Bonn. Since 2007 Ronte has been working as a freelance expert for contemporary art and museology.

Brixy Passion - Brochure

The brochure is published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name "Brixy Passion - 15 Years of Art in the Old Pumping Station". In his anniversary exhibition at the old pumping station in Mannheim-Neckarau, the artist celebrates the long existence of the industrial monument converted into a residential and studio building.

20.09 - 12.10.2019 (old pumping station Mannheim-Neckarau).

Publisher: Dietmar Brixy
Texts: Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte, Werner Tammen
Editor: Cathrin Pischon (M.A.)
Photos: Christian Borth, David Richardson, Peter Schlör
Design: Uschy Fischer

Copyright: artists and authors, 2019

24 pages

Insights into the art of Dietmar Brixy

In a short report for the Aida Gallery, the renowned artist Dietmar Brixy from Mannheim explains the development of his pictures. They reflect the combination of an expressive, informal application of paint with realistic moments. In his paintings he models the color. The paintings live from a very strong surface relief and reveal his proximity to sculpture. This addition of stylistic possibilities makes Brixy unmistakable with his art!

Brixy in German Television - SWR

The artist Dietmar Brixy gives in the video interview of the Landesschau Baden-Württemberg of the SWR an insight into his work and into his studio and artist house.

Retrospect of "Tomorrow" exhibition in alten Pumpwerk

Dietmar Brixy´s exhibition 2016 in his unique studio, the old pumping station in Mannheim, got the title "Tomorrow". His works are characterized by a colorful mixture of different techniques and elements, containing quotations from different art movements, such as Cubism or Surrealism. Brixy leads us through his studio and presents his works. Afterwards there are interviews with the artist Sabine Ostermann and the gallery owner Werner Tammen.

Brixy Surprise - Catalogue

The catalog premieres with the exhibtion „Dietmar Brixy – Surprise“ in the Coburg Art Association and other projects exhibiting the „Surprise“ as well as the new „Tommorow“ series.

03.09.-03.10.2016 (Art Association Coburg)

Editor: Tammen & Partner Gallery/ Art Association Coburg, 2016 Texts: Joachim Goslar, Dr. Melanie Klier, Werner Tammen Translation: Lance Anderson
Fotos: Christian Dammert, Dorothee Piroelle, Peter Schlör Design: Verena Kessel Production: Waldkirch KG Verlag - Druck - Agentur

Copyright: Edition, artist, photographers and authors, 2016

96 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86476-074-7

Brixy Surprise - Brochure

The brochure is published exclusively for the exhibition with the same title "Dietmar Brixy - Surprise" by Falkenberg - Gallery for New Art, Hannover.


Editor: Falkenberg - Gallery for New Art, 2016
Text: Michael Stoeber
Translation: Lance Anderson
Images: Christian Dammert, Claus Geiss, Peter Schlör, Hyp Yerlikaya

Copyright: Falkenberg - Gallery for New Art, artists, photographers und author, 2016

pages 24

TEN. 10 years of art in the Old Pumping Station - Movie

In autumn 2014 Dietmar Brixy celebrated a very special anniversary: the tenth anniversary of his modern artist house "Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau", with ten years of exhibition tradition. For three years now he has not only been showing a spectrum of his own works, but has also offered art lovers an exhibition cooperation with the Berlin gallery Tammen & Partner. This year, Anke Eilergerhard's silicone works as well as wooden reliefs by Detlef Waschkau were shown for the presentation of Brixy's series "Discover". The highlight: 4,500 guests visited the large show on only five weekends.

Achtung Brixy - Movie

Here you get various impressions of the vernissage "Achtung Brixy 2013" in the old pumping station Neckarau, Mannheim. Walk with us through the exhibition and see new "Discover-Paintings". Have fun "discovering" the Brixy world!

Brixy Charity Kunstauktion - Movie

This film was made as part of the charity auction of the Mannheimer Morgen (May 2014) and gives a brief insight into how a Brixy painting is created. (The following Brixy work was successfully auctioned for a good cause: "Discover", 2014, Oil/Nettle, 80x100 cm.)

Discover Brixy - catalogue

The catalogue is published exclusively for the jubilee exhibition "TEN - Ten Years Art in the Old Pumping Station". 


Essays by Dr. Ulrike Lorenz, Christoph Tannert, Dr. Reinhard Spieler, Volker Lehmkuhl, Werner Tammen, Dr. Melanie Klier.

Editor: Jürgen Krieger, 2014
Translation: Jane Michael, Prof. Elke Platz-Waury
Images: Christian Dammert, Peter Schlör

Copyright: Art Identity GmbH; Artists, photographers und autors, 2014

204 pages

Edition BRAUS Berlin GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-86228-109-1

Achtung Brixy - booklet

„Achtung Brixy. New Paintings published exclusively for the exhibition with the special guests: Galerie Tammen & Partner (Berlin) mit "Marion Eichmann" and "Lothar Seruset", Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau, Mannheim.


Editor: Dietmar Brixy, 2013
Layout: Uschy Fischer
Fotos: Christian Dammert, Peter Schlör
Texts: Dr. Melanie Klier
Translation: Lance Anderson
Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

32 pages

Discover - booklet

„Dietmar Brixy - Discover. New Works" published exclusively for the exhibition with special guests: Tammen & Partner Gallery (Berlin) with "Herbert Mehler. Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau, Mannheim.


Editor: Dietmar Brixy, 2012
Layout: Uschy Fischer
Fotos: Peter Schlör, Marcus Klier, Klaus Brand
Texts: Dr. Melanie Klier
Translation: Dr. Gretchen Wiesehahn

Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

32 pages

Kunst im Blickpunkt - booklet

published exclusively for the exhibition by same title
Sparkasse Heidelberg, Private Banking


Introduction: Dr. Dietmar Schuth

Editor: Sparkasse Heidelberg, 2011
Curator/text: Dr. Dietmar Schuth
Fotos: Peter Schlör
Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

24 pages

Brixy. new works - booklet

published exclusively for the exhibition by
Klinikum Ludwigshafen


Essay by Dr. Reinhard Spieler

Editor: Klinikum Ludwigshafen, 2011
Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

28 pages

Ripe & Juicy - catalogue

published exclusively for the exhibitions
Schloss Schwetzingen, 01.05.-06.06.2010
Kunstverein Worms, 02.05.-06.06.2010

Introduction: Dr. Dietmar Schuth

Editor: Dr. Dietmar Schuth, 2010
Photographers: Peter Schlör, Claus Geiss, Bob Gerhard
Text: Dr. Dietmar Schuth
Translation: K. Scott Witmer
Projekt Management: Magnelia Necoy
Copyright: artists, autors and photographers

150 pages


Vernissage "Grow"

Opening speech, Dr. Annuschka Koos

Brixy. Malerei und Installationen - catalogue

published exclusively for the exhibition by 
Heufelder - Koos Gallery, Munich, 2006

Essays by Dr. Christel Heybrook, Dr. Annuschka Koos, Dr. Martin Stather

Editor: Heufelder - Koos Gallery, 2006
Copyright: artists, autors and photographers

176 pages

Dietmar Brixy - catalogue

published exclusively for the exhibition
by Angelo Falzone Gallery, Mannheim

06.02. - 31.03.1999

Intrudution by Dr. Martin Stather

Editor: Angelo Falzone Gallery, Mannheim, 1999
Translation: Dr. Elke Platz-Waury
Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

96 pages

Bilder aus dem Malaysia Zyklus - catalogue

Editorial: Christel Heybrock

Editor: Dietmar Brixy, Mannheim 1993
Fotographer: Atelier Plagenz, Mannheim
Copyright: Artists, authors and photographers

68 pages