WORKS 2019

Dietmar Brixy

The paintings in the HORIZON series describe new tendencies in Dietmar Brixy’s oeuvre in terms of composition and content, which reveal a different intensity in his artistic engagement with nature. His mostly color-intensive compositions contrast with more concentrated works in which the color white often dominates. At individual points it mixes with the black of the background to form delicate grey veils. The artist’s gesture always remains dynamic, pushing the color powerfully sometimes horizontally, sometimes vertically across the surface. Here and there the horizon flashes out, giving the pictures a new spatial depth. In Staccato, Brixy places conglomerates of lines close to each other in the still moist layers of paint, modelling grid-like structures at the edge of the picture. They grow out of nowhere, then suddenly disappear again. These structures evoke associations with woods and clearings, with high-rise architectures, repeatedly interrupted by expanse and depth.