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Ausstellungsansicht Christian Marx Galerie
20.05.2021 - 31.07.2021

art KARLSRUHE selections

After this year's art KARLSRUHE had to be cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic, the art KARLSRUHE selections will now take place during the scheduled fair date from 20 to 23 May with various online and offline formats.


In addition to online discussions and talks on various art market topics, visitors interested in art can also take part in digital tours. Furthermore, a podcast as well as meeting point and discussions on the social app Clubhouse are planned. The galleries participating in the art KARLSRUHE selections will present the artists and projects planned for art KARLSRUHE in their local galleries, in special exhibitions.




As an international art fair for classical modern and contemporary art, art KARLSRUHE has enjoyed increasing popularity for many years. Since 2004, over 200 galleries from Germany and abroad have been presenting an exciting selection of artistic positions. An arc is spanned over more than 100 years of art history up to the present day. The consistently high standard of the fair has been guaranteed for years by the art KARLSRUHE jurying advisory board. Seven proven experts decide on participation in the fair in consultation with the curator Ewald Karl Schrade.



art KARLSRUHE selections @ Christian Marx Gallery

One of the galleries participating in the art KARLSRUHE selections is the Christian Marx Gallery from Düsseldorf. Works by the participating artists will be presented both on site in the gallery rooms and in a virtual "viewing room".  The gallery owner Christian Marx looks forward to welcoming you to the special exhibition!



The artists participating in the exhibition are:

Ole Aakjaer | Dietmar Brixy | Der Heidebrecht | Tim Okamura | Igor Oleinikov | Salustiano | Tim David Trillsam  | Maxim Wakultschik | Dimitriy Zhdankin


Exhibition titel: art KARLSRUHE selections @ Christian Marx Galerie

Form: Group exhibition

Date: 20.05.2021 - 31.07.2021


Mail: marx@cm-galerie.de

Mobile: 0172 / 7109888

More information: www.christianmarx.gallery

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