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14.05.2022 - 23.07.2022




The gallery owner Dirk Supper will present BRIXY works for the first time in the group exhibition "AUFBRUCH" from 14 May to 23 July 2022 to visitors interested in art in his gallery in Baden-Baden.

The title of the exhibition literally symbolises the path to something new and exciting that may be coming.


After a long break, GALERIE SUPPER opens its exhibition rooms again and cordially invites you to the international group exhibition Aufbruch.


Aufbruch brings together 13 artistic expressions with BRIXY, René Dantes, Tino Geiss, Rayk Goetze, Karin Kneffel, Andreas Lau, Mike MacKeldey, Cornelia Schleime, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Monika Thiele, Andreas Wachter, Anja Warzecha and Sebastian Wehrle.

- Aufbruch shows duels between positions.

- Aufbruch stages photography, the more traditional media of painting, drawing, collage and sculpture.

- Aufbruch presents works that take each other on by being presented in direct context, whereby it is less about a competitive relationship than about a pluralistic, mutually enriching juxtaposition.

- Aufbruch dedicates space in the GALERIE SUPPER for the first time to works by the artists BRIXY and René Dantes.




Founded in 2002, GALERIE SUPPER has been shaping Baden-Baden's exhibition landscape with its current profile since 2012. In particular, it promotes young, up-and-coming positions, each of which is distinguished by an outstanding and unique signature. On an area of approx. 200 m2, the gallery shows these in a direct context with already established, globally working artists and exhibits them in a dialogue with and alongside each other.
In individual as well as group exhibitions, fields of tension and interactions between the works and objects are created in this way, revealing further layers of meaning.




Exhibition info

Period: 14.05.2022 - 23.07.2022

Exhibition opening: Saturday, 14.05.2022, 18 h

Opening hours during the exhibition: Wed - Fri, 12 - 18 h | Sat, 12 - 16 h | and by appointment

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76530 Baden-Baden
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