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24.08.2016 - 24.08.2016

Brixy Surprise – Catalogue

The catalog premieres with the exhibtion „Dietmar Brixy – Surprise“ in the Coburg Art Association and other projects exhibiting the „Surprise“ as well as the new „Tommorow“ series.

03.09.-03.10.2016 (Art Association Coburg)

Editor: Tammen & Partner Gallery/ Art Association Coburg, 2016 Texts: Joachim Goslar, Dr. Melanie Klier, Werner Tammen Translation: Lance Anderson
Fotos: Christian Dammert, Dorothee Piroelle, Peter Schlör Design: Verena Kessel Production: Waldkirch KG Verlag - Druck - Agentur

Copyright: Edition, artist, photographers and authors, 2016

96 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86476-074-7