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26.07.2016 - 26.07.2016

Excerpt – speech, “Surprise” (18.10.2015)

(...) When I got back to the Altes Pumpwerk yesterday evening, I have to say my jaw nearly dropped yet again. But that’s of course the whole point of coming here, isn’t it? The exhibition is called Surprise after all. (...) That’s how I experience it; every time I come here I feel slightly ‘unsettled’. Not only because I have to think about what to take with me to the next art fair. But the way in which Brixy always manages, every year without fail, to create a ‘new world-drama’ in this building – which combines a living space, studio and exhibition space under one roof – and to capture this drama on the canvas. These two things are, I believe, very special. (...)

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