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30.11.2015 - 30.11.2015

Fresh off the press: Mannheims Manufacturies

Fresh off the press: the book set “Mannheims Manufacturies” (Editors, Verena König, Lutz Pauels, Stephan Wolf). Brixy is among the 16 enterprises – from long established to budding start-ups.  The common thread is the crafting of high quality and aesthetically pleasing products. 

What the press (Mannheimer Morgen) is saying: “Among those presented are Fontanella and the long established artist Dietmar Brixy who´s influence extends far beyond the city limits, traditional businesses like fine art traders Mittentzwey or goldsmiths Hohagen,  as well as young enterprises (...). This coffee table book is a tribute to the manufacturers and those who stand behind them."

Available through Panorama Publishers or in stores. 


We hope you enjoy a literary browse through the "workshops" of creative Mannheim originals!


Brixy in "Manufacturies", page 40-53

Homepage, "Panorama Publishers"