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08.08.2016 - 08.08.2016

New Catalogue
“Brixy – Surprise”

Dietmar Brixy is delighted that his new catalog "Brixy Surprise" will be available in bookstores mid-August!  This compact book (96 pages), published by Mannheim´s Waldkirch Verlag (ISBN 978-3-86476-074-7), presents selections from my similarly titled „Surprise“ series (2015-16) that, in the near future, will be shown in the following exhibitions:

03.09.-03.10. „Brixy – Surprise“ Coburg Art Society
15.09.-18.09. „Group Exhibition“ Positions Berlin, Art Fair, with Gallery Tammen & Partner, Berlin
23.09.-15.10. „Brixy – Tomorrow“ Old Pumping Station Neckarau, Mannheim


It was produced by the Coburg Art Society and Gallery Tammen and Partner, Berlin. With the introduction, “Color as Light” Joachim Goslar (Chairman, Coburg Art Society) provides critical perspective to the series while discussing the extraordinary exhibition in the Coburg Art Society. Dr. Melanie Klier (Art Historian and Author, Munich) examines the artistic and personal progression from the „Discover“ to the „Surprise“ series and further to the (still drying!) works in my newest „Tomorrow“ series. Werner Tammen (Galerie Tammen & Partner, Berlin) provides a unique gallerists viewpoint of my work and the environment in which it is created.

Dietmar Brixy hopes you enjoy “Brixy Surprise” and the surprises that it holds!