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07.03.2014 - 07.03.2014

Vernissage: Dietmar Brixy “Discover – Paintings”

(...) The composition of each image is complex. Brixy is a robust painter, and each of his images features a unique array of aromatic qualities that lend the work current relevance. Now it is the process that takes centre stage, now a haptic moment of the painting’s surface itself, and now we can even begin to imagine that the image has transcended the realm of mere object or commodity. Brixy constantly offers us new approaches, allowing us to interact dynamically with the images.

It often seems as though a daredevil was doing a headstand on a razor’s edge. Currently, the 2013 cycle Discover offers us this multiplicity of perspectives, qualities, and readings. At times it is the texture that catches our eye, at times the flavour (or ‘the paths of the senses’, to quote Roland Barthes), or as in truly masterful works, both unite to provide viewers with a transcendent sensory experience. (...)

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