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23.09.2012 - 23.09.2012

Vernissage “Discover”

(…) “Discover”, the new series of works by Dietmar Brixy, is all about exploring and discovering: understood as a creative, productive journey of discovery and thus both the process of artistic creation and a visually exciting journey of exploration for us as viewers. From 28 September to 20 October 2012, Brixy‘s Old Pumping Station in Mannheim-Neckarau was not only a spectacular showcase for the “Discover” series: flowing and gestural, overflowing with hints of vegetation and oscillating between abstraction and representation. The glorious garden surrounding this neo-Gothic industrial structure once again provided the creative impetus for Brixy‘s lyrical, impasto painting full of tension and new accents.

In the context of this trompe l‘oeuil of submerging and emerging, of gesturally meandering streams of color, dripping foliage and layering of color fields intentionally left empty, Dietmar Brixy integrated the show of recent works by the renowned German metal sculptor Herbert Mehler (born 1949), with the awareness that Mehler‘s almost organic, “cavex” sculptures made of Cor-Ten steel are the product of a “process of construction parallel to nature” (Kai Uwe Schierz). Like Brixy‘s painting, they also bear witness to precisely this discovery.

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