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21.09.2014 - 21.09.2014

Vernissage/Finissage special guests by “TEN”: A.Eilergerhard & D.Waschkau

(...) What you see here today is a powerful, intensely colourful artistry bursting with opulence and baroque abundance. Anke Eilergerhard’s ‘Kitchenplastics’ are brimming in their voluminous femininity and their delight in the sensuous handling of the material. In numerous layers the artist stacks ‘silicone cream puffs’ one atop the another in a pop-art fashion, letting the works multiply into groups of work such as the WIRBELWINDE or the curvaceous, appetising ANNAS. It is in this connection – in their fascinating combinations of layers and their powerful haptic quality – that one finds parallels to the dense, impasto images in Dietmar Brixy’s group of works for ‘Discover – Painting’. (...)

(...) Detlef Waschkau "can paint with a chisel and carve with a brush: He has granted relief carving, which since antiquity has been an art form that existed between sculpture and painting, a contemporary visual language. (Ralf Burmeister) Our gaze passes through layer after layer of overlapping themes in which space seems to disintegrate into sensitively adjusted surfaces while still maintaining its integrity. In this connection, Dr Peter Funken has spoken of ‘compositional tension and balanced proportionality’, and ‘dematerialisation and concretisation’. (...)

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