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23.09.2007 - 23.09.2007

Vernissage “Grow”

(...) The second meaning of the title “GROW” hinted at briefly earlier on and referring to planting and cultivating finds its expression in the splendid flower paintings which have such strange names as “Hello Darkness”, “Champagne Elegance” or “Skating Party”. These names do not spring from the artist’s linguistic imagination, but they designate specific types of irises which Brixy has planted in his splendid garden and which were promoted to pictorial motives last year. These iris flowers are staged as enormous protagonists in his paintings, partly painted in luxuriously magnificent colours, partly in surprisingly reticent colour schemes. The realistic appearance of the plant and sometimes also photographs of its various stages of growth may stimulate the pictures, but the naturalistic model is finally transcended and translated into pure painting.

The complementary contrast of greenish yellow and deep violet colours creates the tension in the series of paintings called “Hello Darkness”. This contrast of colours being immensely effective in itself is intensified by the sprinkles of pink and light violet. The iris flower presents itself in profile, either magnified many times or seen from above directly showing the flower’s heart. (...)

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