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19.09.2010 - 19.09.2010

Vernissage “Seven”

Dietmar Brixy - 7 years art in "Old Pumping Station"

(...) Maybe this explains the tempest and turbulence we see in both "Stormy Bamboo-Bubble" and "Busy Bamboo-Bubble", though in different ways: In "Stormy Bamboo-Bubble", we see the explosive power of vital energy as though through a microscope, hinted at in the motif of bursting blossoms in a shaken glass. But might we not also recognize something of the artist's soul in the intersections where the circling stalks cross? After all, Dietmar Brixy says that the single thread running through all his works is the line: "The line lets me express all my emotions and sensitivities."

By contrast, in "Busy Bamboo-Bubble", bent bamboo stalks are crowded together, overlapping and coiled in a frenzy of streaks of color too numerous to count, thus intensified into the concentrated power of volume. The painting's energy circles in perpetual motion, like invisible lines of force in nature and certainly also like the painter's unceasing associations with the abundance of natural forms. (...)


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