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15.10.2014 - 15.10.2014

Virtuoso of the canvas

(...) As a gallery owner I am delighted to accompany the artist on his journey into the national and international art market. After exhibitions in Switzerland and America it was the positive reception at international art fairs in Istanbul and in Miami in 2013 in particular that confi rmed the unique power and universal language of his painting. There can be no doubt that this is only the beginning. When coming home from these national and international excursions, having soaked up diverse impressions and experiences, the return to his own refuge is an enduring and assured elixir:

“Allowing people ‘outside’ to take part in my art world ‘in here’ also animates me until I close the gates again for a period of purifi cation and of focusing on that which is inside” (Dietmar Brixy). As though in battle with nature’s seasonal cycles and rings of time, his aim is to paint a sprawl of his painterly rings of life into the picture in ever new ways, to let others participate, and to speak of this life. It is a fascinating symbiosis!

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Werner Tammen, Tammen & Partner Gallery, Berlin