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v.l. Kunstsammlerin Marie-Luise Brune, Künstler / Kuenstler Dietmar Brixy und Peter W. Ragge bei der / Spendenübergabe Spendenuebergabe im alten Pumpwerk Neckarau Mannheim.
Foto © Ruffler.
19.12.2023 - 19.12.2023

“We want to help”

"We want to help" - artist and collector help together. Donations totalling 10,000 euros are collected at a raffle during an exhibition by painter Dietmar Brixy.


"Truth" was the name of his exhibition. And part of the truth is: "We're doing well, so we're giving some of it away," says artist Dietmar Brixy. That's why he has now donated once again to the "MM" campaign "We want to help" - and at the same time motivated another donor, art collector Marie-Luise Brune, to also give money to the "MM" campaign.


(...) "This year, the response was greater than ever," says Brixy happily. Guests have even come from Alsace and Switzerland because he is receiving more and more national coverage, says Brixy gratefully. SWR, for example, has just titled the renowned series "SWR Kultur" about him "Lebensreise in Farbe" (Journey through life in colour), which is still available in the ARD media library...


Excerpt from Mannheimer Morgen, 15 December 2023, author: Peter W. Ragge (chief reporter).


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Art collector Marie-Luise Brune (from left), artist Dietmar Brixy and Peter W. Ragge, 2nd Chairman of the "MM"-Hilfsverein. © MICHAEL RUFFLER