WORKS 2012

Dietmar Brixy

‘Discover’, the new series of works in 2012 is all about exploring and discovering. Understood as a creative, productive journey of discovery. In the context of this trompe l‘oeuil of submerging and emerging, of gesturally meandering streams of color, dripping foliage and layering of color fields intentionally left empty, Dietmar Brixy integrated for the first time the show of recent works by the metal sculptor Herbert Mehler. A cooperation with Tammen & Partner Gallery, Berlin.

» The first impression of Brixy‘s new visual worlds is of thick streaks of black shot through with multiple colors, winding their way across the canvas like snakes, narrowing into gnarled branch-like forms. Seemingly without effort, they virtually divide the composition into different areas of action. «

Dr. Melanie Klier, Artreferentin, Author (Munich)