WORKS 2015

Dietmar Brixy

“Surprise” is the name given in 2015 to a startling series of paintings that forms a natural, yet dynamic progression from his Discover works. The painter immerses the viewer in surging tides of color, dark subterranean worlds, fantastical realms full of magic and primal forces. His nuanced handling of the brush, stoic and untethered at once, transforms figuration into abstraction and expression. These new works display an experimentation with the stuff of paint on a noticeably larger scale, with more shifting colors, tonal vibrations, and coagulating seams of paint. In his dense canvases, Brixy deploys a skillful blend of infinitely churning swirls, abruptly aborted gestures, and calm expanses of color. In late summer this year, his Surprise paintings will appear in a spectacular show of the same name, combined with Patricia Waller’s crocheted objects and their gleeful undercurrent of schadenfreude. The show in the Altes Pumpwerk in Neckarau marks the fourth collaborative display with Galerie Tammen & Partner (Berlin).