Journey, 2023, Öl auf Nessel, 140 x 120 cm

Arbeiten 2022

Dietmar Brixy

Dietmar Brixy’s paintings created in 2023 can be understood as a further development of his previous series of works “Journey”. Even at first glance, his paintings promise the sense of departure that was already present in the artist’s earlier series of works. Through the unconventional use of color and structure, Brixy creates a maximum of emotional impact and invites us to go on a journey through his pictorial worlds.


A characteristic feature of “Journey” is the bright colors. The compositions radiate an almost early summer brightness, which is further enhanced by the deliberate use of white valeurs. Again and again, these light tones are set in contrast to dark accents in order to emphasize their radiance even more clearly. Almost unnoticed, Brixy draws the viewer deeper into the composition, layer by layer. Like a curtain pulled aside or pushed up, the dynamically designed color surfaces reveal a view of a delicate, shimmering center. What represents the final level of design for the artist opens up the viewer’s access to the paintings. The striking fig leaves, dipped in diluted oil paint and then pulled out of the impasto layer of paint, serve as a representational motif and connect real nature with the abstract landscape.


The current painting of Dietmar Brixy is characterized by a fascinating development, which can be traced back to a trip from India to Thailand. This trip had a profound influence on the artist and is clearly reflected in his works. Brixy now uses an even more expressive use of color, with colors such as turquoise and pink playing a particularly significant role. Through the intensified color nuances and the expanded palette, the artist creates an atmosphere that involuntarily captivates the viewer. The canvases become a kind of visual diary that reflects the memories and impressions of his journey in abstract form.


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