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01.10.2006 - 01.10.2006

A painter tracing life

(...) He has never been one of those people who without much thought dip their hands into colour pots and not caring what the result might be wipe their dripping fingers on the canvas. But neither does he care for the other extreme of constant calculation and fussy control. For Dietmar Brixy consideration and spontaneity are no opposites. It is not surprising that before and while he is painting a process takes place which he can only partially understand rationally: There is earnest questioning and careful, yet urgent probing into the energy behind objects and living things to find out which forces shape the visible world.

(...) These pictures betray the gestures of plants which remain present in their bodies. Try to imagine it: the bent lines of the bamboo stems reaching towards the infinite can only be controlled by choosing a part only – the plant as a model of the whole cosmos. The tentative horizontal and vertical lines of the wooden branches reproduced in Brixy’s style of painting and explored with his hands and arms, loops which have fascinated him so much that he reduced some of the pictures to these lines only. This takes him and us back to his beginnings, because similar relationships of lines have occupied him for two decades. A painter, growing in concentric circles. Painting as the constant movement of life unfolding.


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Dr. Christel Heybrock