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25.04.2016 - 25.04.2016

Art as Magic

(...) Though the fig and palm leaves that Brixy occasionally presses directly into the paint can be clearly discerned in some of his works, the references to nature and the garden in the new ‘Surprise’ series (from 2015) are sparser and less distinct. New colour spaces open up, showing greater depth than before. The ‘Discover’ series depicts whole cosmogonies as interior worlds. Even though the paintings are still composed of many overlapping layers of colour, their impasto quality and their plasticity have retreated in order to create room for painterly gestures.

The result is a new tonality in which the dissonant colour palette of past work has been replaced by a much calmer one. Brixy surprises viewers with more visual harmonies. Opposing qualities – such as loudness and quietness, tumult and calm, stillness and movement – are more easily reconciled with one another than before.  It is as if the artist wanted to offer an encouraging antithesis to the disturbing social and political upheavals of the present. (...) Michael Stoeber, art critic and publicist

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