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13.02.2020 - 16.02.2020

art KARLSRUHE 2020

Brixy two times at the art KARLSRUHE 2020


His new paintings from the series "Horizon", "Discover" and "Eden" will be presented at the booth of the Berlin gallery Tammen (hall 3, booth J 27). An absolute highlight of the One-Artist-Show is also the installation "Sundown - You better take care", conceived newly for the Karlsruhe fair, which is composed of different wooden modules (for a detailed description see below). Dietmar Brixy is also prominently represented with further paintings at the booth of the Christian Marx Galerie in Düsseldorf (hall 4, booth L 02).


As an international art fair for classical modern art and contemporary art, art KARLSRUHE has enjoyed increasing popularity for many years. More than 200 galleries from Germany and abroad have been presenting an exciting selection of artistic positions here since 2004. The consistently high level of the fair has been guaranteed for years by the art KARLSRUHE advisory board. In consultation with curator Ewald Karl Schrade, seven proven experts will decide whether to take part in the fair.


At art KARLSRUHE 2020, special attention will be paid to the exhibition of sculpture and its various variations. Arranged on generous exhibition areas between the bunks, sculptures flank the varied gallery programme and guarantee the visitor an exciting art experience. The art KARLSRUHE range will also show special print graphics. This will be submitted by the exhibiting galleries and also curated by the advisory board. A special exhibition of the Hans-Peter Haas Collection entitled "Serigraphs of great masters from Ackermann to Vasarely" rounds off the renowned art fair.

Dietmar Brixy is looking forward to welcoming you at art KARLSRUHE 2020!



13. to 16. February 2020, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.


12. February 2020, 2 p.m. bis 9 p.m. (only with preview card)


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brixy auf der art karlsruhe 2020 mit sundown - you better take care




Dietmar Brixy and his installation „Sundown – You Better Take Care“

One-Artist-Show at Galerie Tammen, Booth H3/J31 at Art Karlsruhe 2020


With a new variation of the installation "Sundown - You Better Take Care" (2019, oil on wood, various formats), the Mannheim artist Dietmar Brixy surprises the viewer with works that will be on view at the booth of the Berlin gallery Tammen (H3/J31).


The installation celebrated its premiere as part of the exhibition "Passion - 15 Years of Art in the Old Pump Station". Until recently, it was presented in his studio in Mannheim-Neckarau and has delighted the art public. Brixy's newly conceived installation for the fair consists of wooden modules of various sizes. These not only dynamise the wall with their different depths, but also penetrate the room individually. "For centuries, wood has been the classic medium of painting. Canvas and nettle have other qualities and are both relatively young in their use in art. Dietmar Brixy dares to resort to this classical medium because he says that only with wood he can create a real, spatial staging without the lie of perspective," explains Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte, former director of the Museum Moderner Kunst in Vienna, the Sprengel Museum Hannover and the Kunstmuseum Bonn.


In the enormously atmospheric installation "Sundown - You Better Take Care", Brixy is once again on the trail of nature. The protagonists of his paintings, which will also be presented at the Christian Marx Galerie (Booth H4/L02), are gnarled branches and seemingly fragile fig leaves. They are already known from other periods and series of the artist's work. "The glowing sun, which indicates the horizon at this sunset, and the natural, vegetable elements that drip down from above, rain, fall, dynamize the compositions. They dissolve the horizontal in favour of the vertical," explains Ronte. Branches and foliage unfold their beauty before the endless vastness of empty landscapes at sunset. They are staged in different zoom settings, sometimes moving somewhat further into the distance or into microscopic proximity.


The artist treads new paths

But despite his own handwriting, the Mannheim artist treads new paths in many respects. He floods the room with light and colour in an unknown way. Brixy achieves this unique effect by backing individual wooden cubes with a neon-pink body and giving them an almost spherical glow - without any electrical lighting. Some of the modules look like floating light objects. They seem to fluoresce out of themselves and envelop their surroundings in a soft glow of light.

Brixy plays with daylight, staging its atmospheric diffusion and sensuality. The result is different moods at every hour of the day that carry his installation. From quiet melancholy to dangerously glowing heat. He orchestrates light as an artistic and aesthetic medium, incorporating it into his compositions and letting them breathe. "Brixy knows that his paintings look different in the morning, at noon and in the evening with different lighting. And he also knows that the viewers with their individual conditioning perceive the pictures differently and quite subjectively. With him, we are dealing with an enormous vitality, energy, fantasy, power and emotion - but also science, explanation and interpretation," says Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte. Space seems to expand and open up new horizons of perception.


Brixy enchants with the beauty of the moment

With the glowing shades of red that "Sundown - You Better Take Care" radiates into the real exhibition space, Brixy abducts the viewer into romantic sunsets and enchants him with the beauty of the moment. But the installation implies more than this one, superficial level of association and is already reminiscent of the subtitle "You Better Take Care". Silently and quietly, it pushes itself into the level of consciousness of the viewer and whispers to him: "It's better if you watch out".  "He doesn't say: "Enjoy" or "Look at it" - he doesn't say: "Think of William Turner", "Caspar David Friedrich" or "Eduard Manet", says Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte.

"You Better Take Care" seems more like an appeal by the artist to the viewer. "Suddenly awake, he will ask himself whether Brixy in this work also poses completely different questions and seeks answers. If we have to watch out for something, it has something to do with the weather, the landscape, climate change. All these pictures are not only picturesque inventions - they are very diverse in their social message. It is precisely this aspect," says Ronte, "that I particularly appreciate in Dietmar Brixy's works, because they are all directed against the 'unification' of the world. We must be grateful to him for this.

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