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01.10.2005 - 01.10.2005

Brixy’s Cosmos

(...) At first sight the sheer size of this painting is overwhelming: Four canvasses are put together to form one large picture of 9.60 meters length and 1.80 meters height. The painting self-confidently dominates the entrance wall to the large area used for staff get-togethers and events.

A voluminous diagonal in red and orange cuts through the painting from bottom left to top right, its beginning and end – if there is one at all – being outside the picture. An orange and brown spiral winds around it loosely spaced irregularly. The rest of the pictorial space is dominated by an apparently homogeneous deep blue colour which also seems to spread endlessly in all directions and is composed of many different hues of blue and green as well as white and black. Often put lavishly on the canvas with the hands colour bands stretch horizontally across the surface in soft waves and accompany the eye feeling its way across a work of art ten meters long. (...)


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Dr. Anuschka Koos