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26.10.2011 - 26.10.2011

Brixy’s laboratory of paradise

"(...) In his latest paintings in the Eden series Dietmar Brixy transports us to Paradise. The extremely wide formats create a cinematic panorama effect and allow the viewer’s eyes to wander about in this Garden of Eden. However, the landscape is not very gentle: an impenetrable jungle of colors challenges the senses. Rich color blurs seem to wobble through the picture like misty clouds changing color all the time. The iridescent color spectrum ranges from diverse greens to blues, pinks and violets. Bizarre rivers of color flash through the thick color fog like bolts of lightning as if they endeavored to send jerks of energy through this amorphous primeval paradise.
Are we witnesses to the first steps of Genesis? A stage of existence before the real Garden of Eden was created, before the world took shape from the seething biomass to form flowering meadows, plants, trees and fruits and become form? Are we tumbled into a bio-kitchen in which molecules link seemingly without aim to create vague shapes at first until they finally turn into leaves, twigs or rivers? (...)"

Dr. Reinhard Spieler
Director, Sprengel Museum Hannover

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