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25.03.2022 - 25.03.2022


Dear friends of art,

In the next months, my paintings will be shown in numerous galleries and institutions. Many thanks to the gallery owners, their staff and the BRIXY team, who are all involved in the planning and realisation of the exhibitions!


The gallery owners, the BRIXY team and I would be delighted if you would visit the exhibitions!


With kind regards,
Your Dietmar Brixy

  • We start on 3 May with a group exhibition at the Barbara von Stechow Gallery in Frankfurt am Main. The title "IN BLOOM" already foreshadows the spring-like and floral mood inherent in this exhibition. The exhibition will run until 22 June.


  • From 13.05. to 26.06. the Kunstverein Villa Streccius in Landau will show various paintings from the series "Reflect", "Horizon" and "Happy". In an emotional rush of colours, the exhibition "REFLECT - SINNENSUCHE" shows Brixy art in the large and light-flooded rooms of the former residence of the royal notary Heinrich Streccius.


  • The gallery owner Dirk Supper will present my works for the first time in the group exhibition "AUFBRUCH" from 14.05. to 23.07. to the art-interested visitors in his gallery in Baden-Baden. The title of the exhibition literally symbolises the way into something new and exciting that may be coming.


  • From 21 May to 25 June, the Christian Marx Gallery in Düsseldorf will be showing many of my works in the solo exhibition "BIOMORPHIC COSMOS". The gallery owner recently noted: "Although Dietmar Brixy's signature is unmistakable, he manages to maintain an enormous development, change and creativity in his cosmos, so that not infrequently completely new perspectives on his work open up. This much is certain; very few artists are granted this."


  • "BEGINNINGS" - this is the title of the large Brixy solo exhibition to mark the inauguration of the Volksbank Kurpfalz gallery. For almost 55 years, the Volksbank has been showing visitors art by regional, national and international artists in its Weinheim main building. After the renovation and modernisation of the customer hall, the exhibition, which runs from 2 June to 15 July, marks the beginning of a new era.