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01.05.2010 - 01.05.2010

Ripe & Juicy

(...) To this day, the orangery in the world-famous Schwetzingen Palace Gardens still serves as the winter residence for sun-loving Mediterranean plants sensi-tive to frost, including fig and citrus trees, especially orange trees, which gave name to this Baroque architecture in the 18th century. Back then, almost every well-off feudal prince indulged in the luxury of having an orangery in his palaces and summer residences. The land of Arcadia was simply moved up a few degrees of latitude, in defiance of the central European climate. This genius loci has inspired several exhibitions by the Kunstverein Schwetzingen in the past and is now experiencing a revival through the paintings of the Mannheim artist Dietmar Brixy.

Even the title of the exhibition alludes to the location, generating pleasant anticipation of the ripe and juicy fruits of summer which are now – in the spring of 2010 – only just buds or blossoms. Dietmar Brixy, himself a passionate gardener with many citrus trees in his care, was looking forward to this project like almost no other, preparing it with great passion. He bought an annual pass to the gardens months in advance and found inspiration and ideas here which have now been realized in a large series of new paintings. In fact, Brixy created more works than the halls of the orangery have room for, allowing the Worms Kunstverein to exhibit his paintings in their more urban setting as well. (...)

Dr. Dietmar Schuth

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