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09.09.2016 - 08.10.2016

ROT, RED, ROUGE. Brixy in Frankfurt

RED is considered to be the first, most precious and most meaningful color.  From its initial appearance in cave paintings, to the costly and laborious production in the 16h and 17th centuries for royalty and clerics, to the it´s symbol ridden influence in the Moderne and contemporary art – this primary color has an inimitable place in the ranks of color theory. 
Dietmar Brixy is proud to be a part of the exhibition “ROT, RED, ROUGE.  THE COLOR RED IN ART” in Gallery Jörg Schuhmacher (Frankfurt).  The exhibition takes place during the Season Start of Frankfurt Galleries.  From 9-11 September 2016 - 29 participating Frankfurt galleries - with free tours! 


Season Start of Frankfurt Galleries opening hours:
Friday 9 Sept 2016, 6pm to 10pm
Saturday 10 Sept 2016, 11am to 6pm
Sunday 11 Sept 2016, 11am to 6pm

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Jörg Schuhmacher Gallery normal opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 630pm
Saturday 12pm to 3pm
And by appointment

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Excerpt from Gallery Jörg Schuhmachers press release:
"The color RED – formerly derived from iron-rich clay and used in ancient cave paintings, is considered to be the first color of paint.  Over 40,000 years ago, earliest paints were a combination of clay, animal fat, burned coal, calcium and chalk, creating the pigments for red, yellow, brown, black and white. In 16th and 17th century Mexico, Purple Snail and Cochinelle Lice, taken from cactus, were used to create red pigment. This pigment was, after silver and gold, the most important export from the new world to Europe. As such, the color red was almost exclusively worn by royalty and the clergy.
ROT RED ROUGE exhibits many interpretations and uses of this primary color. Few colors are so ridden with meaning.  Depending on intensity, associations to love, anger, danger, joy, power, vitality, warmth, passion, feminintiy, blood, etc."