Journey, 2022, Öl auf Nessel, 180 x 140 cm

Arbeiten 2022

Dietmar Brixy

Colourful, intense, and with a moving, stirring dynamic, the viewer is addressed and instinctively drawn into Dietmar Brixy’s latest art. It is the colourful invitation to joy, to let go of thoughts, to feel freedom. The artist Dietmar Brixy’s new series of paintings, Journey, instantly promises a feeling of departure. As in earlier series of works, the artist achieves a maximum of emotion through the unusual use of colour and structure, thus inviting us to embark on an exceptional journey through his pictorial worlds.


A striking feature of Journey are the extraordinarily bright colours: radiant yellow, warm orange, delicate green. The compositions reveal an almost early summer brightness, partly accentuated by the use of white as a valeur. Time and again, these bright colours contrast with dark greens and blues as if to intensify their radiance. Almost unconsciously, Dietmar Brixy lets the viewer dive deeper into the composition, level by level. Like a curtain pulled aside and upwards, the areas of colour created in dynamic movements reveal a delicate, shimmering centre. The viewer’s approach to the works is enabled by Brixy’s final level of aesthetic configuration. The striking fig leaves, dipped in diluted oil paint and then pulled out of the pastose paint, which dissolve the powerful movements like counterparts, offer the bridge between real nature and abstract landscape as a representational motif.


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